Collapse old transactions past a certain date

I think it would be useful to add a setting which would auto-collapse transactions on the Home screen after a certain date such as last week, last month, last quarter.

By collapse, I mean hide all transactions from display and have a + button which would show the transactions for that day

Are you an Android user by any chance?

The Pulse Graph makes it reaally easy to scroll through your old transactions quickly, as you tab through the graph, your transaction feed jumps to the position you’ve selected.

It’s on it’s way for Android users.

If that’s not the problem you’re trying to solve here, I’d be interested in hearing what challenge you’re trying to address here :bulb:

better still your video should show you the balance on a specific date , the date and the total you spent on that day in the graph feed :slight_smile:

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Yes Android user.

I’ve had Monzo since 3rd March so give or take 7 weeks use, and the Home screen has loaded all transactions since.

From a performance perspective, is there a limit as to how many days/transactions the Home screen shows?

The main reason for this is just to limit what is showing on the Home screen. I don’t want to see older transactions. I only really care for the most recent transactions, perhaps within the last fortnight or month.

Not that anybody has hit! As a user of the card for well over a year, the feed scrolls endlessly until you reach the initial top up.

That home feed is designed much in the same way as a Twitter or Facebook feed. You’re generally expected to be looking somewhere close to the most recent items but can continuously scroll in to the past if you wish. There are various things done in all of these apps to improve performance by only loading and rendering slightly outside what you can see. I haven’t personally seen this be a huge concern unless you’re trying to scroll rapidly on a slower device.

Do let someone on the Android team know (here or through support) if performance starts to become an issue though. While I’m sure the team tries their best to keep things fast, Android in particular has a wide variety of target hardware and software stacks.

I can imagine having an account from 18 to 108 and there being issues over the size of the feed. While it is not really an issue now, why not preempt potential problems a few years ahead and think about this issue now and ensure the feed designed in the most future proof manner now at the very start of current accounts

Isn’t it pretty much a forgone conclusion if there’s a feature you want and it’s not implemented you’re an android user and just need to wait? :wink:


Pretty much :laughing: your day will come though…