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my interest popped in last week

How many people have you referred to gain your rate of interest?

Hi all. New here but looking to find out if anyone has any information surrounding the integration between Monzo and Chip. Love the idea of Chip and can’t rely on myself to save. I have messaged Chip but had no luck. Is this something Monzo are looking into or is the procedure of this happening totally in Chips control?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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They’ve said this on Twitter

Thanks for attaching the twitter message. Fingers crossed it happens…

Use this Wiki

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Chip still doesn’t work with Monzo yet does does it?

No - still doesn’t work but apparently they are working on it

I had a direct email from Chip on Friday and they advised they are hoping to be availble to Monzo account holders by September… fingers crossed as seems a useful saving tool.



If anyone is signing up to Chip, please feel free to use my invite code!

Thanks! :smiley:

I’ve had no luck getting any of my friends to sign up to Chip with my link :sweat_smile:

I’m going to leave it here incase anyone wants to use it, I know theres lots of other codes been posted here already but it can’t hurt right?

Thanks :smile_cat:

Code: 4KNN13


used your code :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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Hi anyone here wishing to sign up for chip please use my referal code to instantly get 1% interest, chip 2.0 is coming within the next month the app has a full revamp and features Advanced AI, Instant saves, squad goals, freinds, goals interface and more…

Promo code RFQIZK :+1:

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Is there a Chip-type app for credit cards?

Don’t think so. But not quite sure what you have in mind. Where would the credit card come in?

My Chip referral code (in case anyone’s interested): XHWVGC

Just learnt about this chip existing and I’m wandering if it has any benifits over Monzo now that Monzo has pot, pot goals, and change round up? At the moment I can’t see what it does that Monzo can’t.

Takes automatic deductions far larger than just round up. And pays interest (if you want interest, help yourself to my code: MT90V9 will get you 1% interest more than Monzo will pay you).

Chip uses an algorithm to determine how much you can save based on how much you have in your account and your rate of spending. It calculates this weekly and moves the money over to a savings account. This is different to simply rounding up each transaction.

If I’m reading correctly, you’d like to use a credit card (charging you 15%+ interest on your borrowings) to pay into a savings app which pays between 0-5% interest on your savings. The math doesn’t add up!

Ha ha - no! I don’t pay interest because I always pay in full. I don’t use Monzo for retail payments because I’d miss out on airmiles and Section 75 protection, so I want an app that will save the pennies from my credit card instead.

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