Chess ♟️

Does anyone play?

Does anyone own any nice fancy sets?

I’m looking for a nice simple one. Had my eye on this for ages, but waited too long and they’re all gone:


The only chess I ever played was the windows version back in the early 2000s back when the background was that green hill.

Was it Windows 95? Can you class it as owning a board if its virtual? :sweat_smile:


‘Green hill’ was Windows XP (2001) - the most viewed picture ever!


There was a very small blob on the edge of the hill. I persuaded most of my co-workers it was a tank.

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How much‽

If I needed a chess set I’d go to Argos/Amazon unless I was obsessed with chess

That’s not bad for a quality chess set actually. They can easily start creeping into the thousands.

I don’t just want your basic chess set for kids. But a nice one for the house.

If you really want your mind blown:

And if that’s not enough. Choose the 18K gold, diamond version. :slightly_smiling_face:

Might not be fancy, but it’s homemade…

Got it as a Christmas present, my brother made the board and my dad made the pieces.


That’s actually amazing!

Thanks for sharing!

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Did you ever get one?

Still on my shopping list!

There were a couple I gravitated towards, but are no longer in production.

These are the ones I have my eye on at the minute but I’m yet to pull the trigger:

The print works ones seem rather nice for a cheaper set.

a modernised traditional aesthetic that looks quite nice.

And a tiny part of me wants to embrace in my inner childhood and go for the official Pokémon chess set:

Or I might just embrace my home now (and love for Harry Potter) and go for Lewis chess set but these are not at all cheap!

TL;DR: still looking for that perfect chess set that just speaks to me, but do have my eye on a couple. I think I will eventually pick up one of those PLA concept ones though.

Those first chess sets you shared are beautiful!

I’ve always wondered about buying a set to have out on my coffee table but don’t want to invest too much incase I never play. If you find any sets as good as the Kalm one you shared I’d be very intrigued!

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I play chess quite a lot on my PC during work, I was also in the chess club in school. Not owned a physical set since I was a kid though which was plastic!

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If you are aiming to learn I’d get a basic set with labelled rows (or one where you can stick the row labels on somewhere yourself) and the classic shapes, there’s generally a lot of setting the board up based on computer images, the back of the newspaper etc and you want that to be quick.

You can also get a fancy set just to look at of course :smile: I have a nice set from my parents, it just mainly sits on the shelf and I use the ‘training set’ that’s normally hidden in the cupboard to actually practice.

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Oh, I already know how to play! It’s probably my favourite board game!

I just want something nice to display, or to bring out when my grandparents visit, because I have an annual game with my grandfather.

I have an antique marble set in storage, which I don’t want to use. It was gifted to me from an inheritance a few years ago. It’s a gorgeous chess set, but not at all my style.

I practice with the app as opposed to an actual physical board (I live for the puzzles), but do have a couple of cheap standard sets I’ve picked up over the years from small book shops.


Given the amount of money they’re planning to drop on one of these I’d say they must be at least fairly proficient at it.


I don’t think there’s any correlation between proficiency in chess and the value of the chess set one owns or is looking to buy :sweat_smile:. Otherwise my dad would be a grandmaster.


Ah fair enough I misunderstood the thread slightly!

I like the idea of a copy of the Lewis chessman, there must be cheaper copies of the set out there although that one does look nice. There’s a good episode of The History of the World in 100 objects on those btw.

The PLA ones look cool, feels like a lot for a 3D printed set but the design is nice. I do think they will discolour fairly quickly though if it’s UV resin.

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This thread got me wanting a phyiscal chess set. :eyes:

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I found this cool chess set today, depends if you like the concrete look or not, but it’s unique for sure! Could also be quite confusing till your learn the pieces


I…Did when I was doing some Teacher assistance at a very rough SEND school in Harrogate a few years ago. Class was a bit wacky one afternoon! To calm the class down, I suggested playing chess(even though I’m no Garry Kasparov) …It started off well, until I took a lads pawn legally ….That wasn’t my best day and I didn’t go back! I still have a mark on my forehead from that flying Knight.

It’s a dangerous game you play sir.

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