Chess ♟️

Does anyone play?

Does anyone own any nice fancy sets?

I’m looking for a nice simple one. Had my eye on this for ages, but waited too long and they’re all gone:


The only chess I ever played was the windows version back in the early 2000s back when the background was that green hill.

Was it Windows 95? Can you class it as owning a board if its virtual? :sweat_smile:


‘Green hill’ was Windows XP (2001) - the most viewed picture ever!

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There was a very small blob on the edge of the hill. I persuaded most of my co-workers it was a tank.

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How much‽

If I needed a chess set I’d go to Argos/Amazon unless I was obsessed with chess

That’s not bad for a quality chess set actually. They can easily start creeping into the thousands.

I don’t just want your basic chess set for kids. But a nice one for the house.

If you really want your mind blown:

And if that’s not enough. Choose the 18K gold, diamond version. :slightly_smiling_face:

Might not be fancy, but it’s homemade…

Got it as a Christmas present, my brother made the board and my dad made the pieces.


That’s actually amazing!

Thanks for sharing!

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