Cash withdrawals in the European Economic Area (EEA) are now free!

Does it include territories eg Spain’s Gran Canaria?

They are part of the EEA.

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Thank you

A lot of talk about Spain here. Please note that the vast majority of ATMs in Spain charge a fee for use regardless of who your card issuer is.

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True - the once fee free Caiaxa [?] now charges. Well, in Seville anyway. R-

There are no retroactive changes, i.e. if you took out £150 in Spain 25 days ago, you only have £50 of your limit remaining.

But any withdrawal there today would not count against your limit

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No I get that but you unless you have a Santander 123 or select account and use one of Banco Santander ATM in Spain (that’s the only way not to be charged as a UK resident I’ve found in Spain) regardless if you use a Monzo or starling debit card to withdraw then all Spanish banks will charge you a useagw fee.

Banco March was totally free last week when I used it in the Canaries. No charges whatsoever with my Monzo or Starling cards

Not all of them. In the bigger cities you’ll be able to find branches of foreign banks that don’t charge fees, especially Portuguese banks. There are also banks like bnc10 (EEA residents can open accounts with them) that reimburse ATM fees

When you arrive somewhere abroad has the “welcome to” message been updated to tell you you’re in an EEA or not? It would be handy if it has.

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I have not got any message for quite a while when entering another country (nor one when I arrive home telling me how much I spent). I think someone else said the same in another thread.

That said, it would be a good message to include.

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Oh that’s a shame that’s been removed. It was useful and fun!

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Yes it’s been updated :blush:

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Ahh so it is there and it has been updated :+1:t3:

I don’t get these :confused:

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The welcome message came through for me as soon as I used my card for the first time when in Spain for Xmas. The summary then came through the first time I used my card again in the UK.

The only issue was it told me about the maximum withdrawal limit which no longer applies, but a quick search on the forum revealed they couldn’t update the app until after Xmas to fix that issue.

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Some banks in Spain do not charge e.g
Caixa bank
Deutsche Bank (Canary Islands)

You need to check. The Caixa bank in Seville opposite the Cathedral charged me €2 last year. May have changed of course. R-

It really is hit and miss and varies by region. The only guranteed fee free I have found is using a santander card in a santander atm. La Caixa wanted to charge me in Alcudia Mallorca for using my monzo card

So when I go to Munich next month, would I be better off withdrawing Euros over there from an ATM? Or would it be better to go to a money exchange here in the UK.