Car Leasing - does anyone on Monzo do it?

I did PCP back in August this year for the first time. I part-exchanged my car as the deposit and I’ve had no problems. I got a 2-year agreement and pay around £250 a month for a Honda Civic. :oncoming_automobile:

I wasn’t sure how I felt about not owning the car after 2 years however that doesn’t bother me too much anymore. I like the idea that after 2 years I can either buy the car or exchange it for another based on the current vehicles value.

I saw someone mentioned carwow above! I’m a huge fan! While I didn’t get the car through them as none of my local dealers are on the site, I took a quote I had from a Honda garage in Cardiff and they matched the quote at my local Honda garage! :moneybag:

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I lease through my work (salary sacrifice). I’m on my second car with them now and it works well for me. No deposit, everything included, tax, insurance, servicing, MOT and even roadside assistance across the whole of Europe. I wouldn’t be able to afford a car like this otherwise and I don’t have to worry about selling it on when I’m done with it. Just upgarde to another brand new car.

I currently have a Kia Niro plug in hybrid so rarely have to buy petrol as I just charge it up at home and run it on electric only (36 miles range). I also bagged it just before the government grant on hybrids was withdrawn so it would be £50 more a month if I ordered it now. So all in all I’m very happy leasing.

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