Can we talk about LISAs (Lifetime ISAs)?

(Nathan) #22

Wouldn’t it be great to down the line be able to manage and monitor a Skipton LISA from within the monzo app,

Ideal even!


I definitely second this!

(Kevyn) #24

Imagine… a proper Monzo LISA… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Peter Roberts) #25

My nutmeg LISA is currently up 3.3% since April. It was up 5% at some point. This is the way with an investment based product but in the long term I expect it to get much better returns than a cash LISA and I’m in no hurry to buy

(Ed Brooks) #26

Moneybox also offer a LISA product (and a very easy to use and friendly app) and mine is currently running a nice 3.7% return. My only small concern is the Brexit risk on the markets but, as I’m not planning to buy for a few years I think I can probably ride out any drops.


I am currently using Hargreaves Lansdowne for my LISA. As people have said S&S is a higher risk and higher return (on average), but will be most beneficial to those who are looking to keep it locked away for a minimum of 3 to 5 years.

If you decided to go S&S route, I suggest reading up on passive investment and look into index trackers.

A good website is:

(Grant MacGregor) #28

Hearing there has been a few mistakes this morning regarding bonuses (overpayments etc).

(Matt C) #29

With Skipton?

(Grant MacGregor) #30

Yes - don’t know exact details though.