Can we talk about LISAs (Lifetime ISAs)?


I have been using Vanguard LS 80 for a while with excellent returns. I strongly recommend looking at sites such as monevator and reading about investment strategies.

Passive investment plus an ETF like VLS80 is simple and effective (historically).

In answer to the initial question, there has been a recent downturn in the market and with uncharted territory ahead I would not put my money into s&s if I needed it within 3 to 5 years (house purchase). It all depends on your tolerance to risk :sunglasses:


No. Your “earnings” do not count towards the total £4000, it is based on how much you deposit.

This being said, I did hear rumor that if you lost money, below the £4000, some platforms had a “glitch” allowing you to contribute and make up losses. This was when the LISA first became available though and government bonus was paid at the end of the financial year :wink::sunglasses: