Call for help with travel wiki pages!

Good question :slight_smile:

First, post here to let other users know that you’re creating a Wiki topic for the country that you’re working on, to make sure no one else is doing the same…

Users can mute this topic at the bottom of the page -

Then, to create the post you’ll need to copy the text from this template into a new topic -

Raw version with the markdown formatting at the bottom of this post.

then incorporate as much of the Monzo user’s feedback into it as possible.

Once you’ve created the topic then if you’re a Regular, you can make it a Wiki by: clicking the three dots at the bottom of the post (next to Reply) > :wrench: > Make Wiki. If you’re not a Regular, one of the Leaders / team will check the new topic & make it a Wiki.

Raw template

**This is a template to copy and paste when creating new travel guides for using Monzo abroad. You can add or remove sections as needed, but please follow the general flow. The [🇱🇧 Monzo in Lebanon]( guide is a good example. Countries flags can be copied from [here]( Copy from below this paragraph. Enjoy! :D**


_This is a wiki crowdsourced by the Monzo Community to help you travel with Monzo._

_Just like Wikipedia, anyone can edit it to help out others. If you have any tips or feedback for visiting [COUNTRY NAME] with Monzo, please feel free to edit this guide. You can also add a comment or question below — someone will then incorporate your comment into the main text below and then delete your comment. To create your own "Monzo in …" guide if one doesn't already exist, just copy [this template]( into a new post and write away!_

_Safe travels! :wave: :airplane:️_



## Currency

## Card usage

## ATMs

## Payment and withdrawal limits

## Crowdsourced merchant data

## Miscellaneous


_To edit this guide, just tap the pencil icon below. Alternatively, add a reply with your comments and someone from the community will incorporate your suggestions into the guide and then delete your comment._