Buying a car

If you do use comparison websites, try all of them as some providers will have deals with a particular website and save you a bit of money.

As mentioned above, don’t go for the cheapest insurer. Make sure you double check what the cover offers. Check excess too as this will most likely vary vendor to vendor.

If you won’t be doing a lot of mileage also consider something like ByMiles. I’m no longer with them as a traditional insurer now works out cheaper for me, but I had ByMiles from when lockdown started and was paying £2-5 for my miles, compared to £30 in prior months with commuting.

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I would be tempted to ring(or online chat) the insurer you select before purchasing, and check with them about where the car is parked. That way you avoid them being able to wriggle out of a claim if they disagree in the future

re the cash, I’m not sure I’d be entirely happy travelling to given location to view the car with £1000 or more in cash on me, especially if doing so on my own. While I’m sure extremely uncommon, you potentially set yourself up to be a victim of crime.

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Fair enough, yeah I’ll defo give them a ring when I come to insure .
Been playing some driving simulator called " city car driving " which is really realistic.
When I do come to get a car it’ll be from the manufacturers dealership and so probably pay with card :+1:t3:

Still waiting to hear back from DVLA.

When I do come to buying the car, if I pay with card…would it be best to speak to the bank before ( as it’s a large transaction ) to declare it to them ? There must be some security questions which is fine as it’s a large transaction

Be prepared for some dealers to not allow card payment. My experience last time I was shopping around for a car was most allowed card payment of the deposit but then required bank transfer for the remainder. But I did encounter some who allowed card payment on full amount.

If you do pay by card its probably worth letting back know in advance but might still run into difficulties on day - see YouTube video below

Also if you pay by Monzo raise your limit in advance if you need a raised limit (6.40 in video)

Is it necessary? I don’t know, but what harm would it do?

I paid 7 or 8k on a Barclays visa debit card to a Toyota dealer without any issue several years ago, but YMMV

Fair enough, if no debit card then it’ll be bank transfer. It’ll probably be from a official dealership so probably card

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Yeah, I paid about £9.5k on a Visa Debit a number of years ago for a car (at a licensed Honda dealership). No advance notice, and the first transaction was declined, then RBS phoned and confirmed it was me. Nothing too major, but with hindsight I wish I’d done it on some kind of rewards credit card.

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Never bought a car before so just thought I’d ask

I’d wait until you hear back from the DVLA without getting too far ahead of yourself and stressing about things that might never happen.

You also seem to be planning as though they’re going to approve your licence when there’s a chance they won’t. You’re going to be disappointed and a lot of time and effort wasted if the worst happens. Just be patient, worry about these things when you need to - there’s no rush.


Good point, probably just my anxiety. I’m aware I get ahead of myself sometimes. Thanks dude :+1:t3: