Business Expenses Trip

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My excel game has come on in recent weeks. As I said earlier in this saga i’ve created a spreadsheet template that allows me to import the csv file on 1 sheet and see the data as I want it on another sheet.
I found a macro that pulls down the hyperlink and inserts a photo…of the receipt.
I can filter for category and dates.
I just need to make it presentable and I’ve got myself the report I wanted.

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I’ve been using my report for a few weeks now and it’s been accepted at work.
I had to fight my corner a few times. The pics don’t print very well. I managed to argue that we live in a digital age and we shouldn’t be printing :wink:
I am STILL convinced Monzo can do this better than anyone. If I can do it with macros on a spreadsheet i’m sure someone in the community can write code that could be hosted on a website.
Monzo could have it on their desktop site as a ‘custom bank statement generator’.
Import CSV-data
Choose data option: “local currency charge” “notes” “attachments…etc”
Produce PDF statement


I’m sure I read somewhere that Tom flagged expenses as one of the problems he wanted to fix.

That was probably a year or longer ago now, though. And things change rapidly. Would be cool for them to address it, though.

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They couldn’t fix it where I work :pensive:. Nothing Monzo can do will provide original paper receipts in an envelope. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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Sadly not. Pension rights are too good :+1::money_mouth_face:

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When you present your eco-friendly Monzo Expense report that is as useful for the administrator as it is for the claimant then you may be able to change their minds😉
You’ll be recognised for forward thinking, offered a huge bonus, promotion with early retirement and a golden handshake.
“See you on the golf-course Feathers :golfing_man:t6:‍♂️:golfing_man:t6:‍♀️“

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Hey @The_Knocker, I just wanted to say a huge thanks from me for this thread. I’m starting a new job in October and will be travelling quite a bit I think so have been thinking a lot about expenses. Your blog has been really helpful. Having said that, I’m still smarting from finding out yesterday that I probably can’t get my wages paid in :woman_facepalming:


Oh no! Are you paid from overseas?

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I don’t actually know. I’m joining a UK company but they’re part of an international group. I have no idea where the payroll is run from. I submitted my Monzo account details and they came back to say the bank wasn’t listed so they need the IBAN and Swift Code.

Have been really disappointed by Monzo support’s response to this so unsure what to do next

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That’s great to hear.
Get some pictures up if you’re travelling somewhere nice.