Bunq considers UK market

What a coup that would be? Thought’s please??’

The article doesn’t mention Monzo acquiring Bunq at all. I’ve renamed the thread so its at least somewhat relevant to the link you posted.


Is this another one of your investments?

I am aware the article does not mention Bunq being acquired by Monzo. The post was asking peoples thoughts on wether they thought it would be a good acquisition for Monzo as the last update they had said they would be looking to acquire companies

My My you do have a long memory,eh? I wasn’t aware Bunq raised from the public? When did they raise and was it on Seedrs or Crowdcube thanks for your insight :+1:

Yeah, I am able to remember back to your spam from last week.

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Why are you being rude and confrontational? Try and be kind!

What’s the beef? Facts are facts hun.