Bulk approve splits from a single User

My use case is that I send and receive many single items split every day. Anecdotally every purchase made by me or my partner are split, which result some time in a backlog of 20 splits to approve, each one to approve singularly, click accept, use my fingerprint, acknowledge.
It would be amazing to have a bulk approve for a single user, so that I can let it all pile up for some days, review it in a single scroll and approve all splits from a single user with a single action.

I would prefer this single user interface than “from any user” or an automatic behaviour as I feel it’s more secure to have at least the manual safety check and with one user there’s less chance to include unwanted approval by mistake.


You’d be best off using the Shared Tab functionality for this - and then settling up as you go etc. :slight_smile:


I agree. This is exactly what Shared Tabs was made for.

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I’m not sure about that. Something is missing.
Either I use split tab, but then everything has to be 50-50, or we use single splits which could be of any fraction of the price but then I have to accept every single one.

My use case could be a niche one, but it’s really frustrating, as we often split some expenses on half, like household items, but grocery and food we tend to go proportional to the salary.

I’d just rather have “pay all” in my split request list, everything else seems either more complicated or time consuming

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This is only the case if you add multiple at once. Add each one individually and you can tap on the amounts to change the split.

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