Heard a talk by one of the organisers of Brewgooder this week, they seem exceptionally genuine. Hadn’t known that they also have connections to Social Bite. For those who don’t know (like me until this week) 100% of their Profits go to clean water projects, they use the tag #drinkbeergivewater.

Would Monzo consider using their office beer club to supply part of their open events? Does anyone here have any experience with them?

(Richard Cook) #2

We do in fact actually get Brewgooder crates in sometimes, and they’re pretty popular :slight_smile:

(Daz Gordon) #3

BrewGooder not only do incredible work for Water Aid, but their lager is super tasty. Probably my favourite. The beer is brewed with Sorachi Ace hop, giving a distinct bubblegum/lemon taste. Stands out from your typical macro lagers.