Block gambling transactions from your Monzo account

(Kolok) #107

Hi what are the most violated MasterCard rules can you share?


Life changing for some!


I’ve got to know Tony really well recently. He’s very passionate about the gambling block, and is very proactively reaching out to a lot of banks about this being standardised with all banks.

His passion for getting needed changing withing Gambling regulations is quite inspiring!

(Neil M) #110

Random question but I assume the gambling block only works when you’re gambling online? Or can you set a custom cash withdrawal limit. As I assume some gamblers mostly gamble in Cash rather than card.

(MikeF) #111

I believe that’s a thing COps can do for you if you ask them through chat. I also believe that @Dannytc can confirm/deny.

(Neil M) #112

I’m just curious more than anything, as I know that there is a card block but its also very nice to know that Monzo is trying everything to help problem gamblers(whlist the government flip-flops over it) as whilst researching about investment and gambling I discovered that you can gamble a maximum bet at £100 of every 20 seconds on a FOBT which I thought was insane


I had that exact scenario, I was heavily cash gambling, so I spoke to COps who raised this through to the vulnerable customer team, who was able to allow me to request a £20 a day ATM limit… TBH, it’s been an amazing choice, I actually save money as a knock on effect because everything I spend is on my card. (If I get scenarios like a barbers with no card reader, I can still get £20 out)

(Neil M) #114

Its great that it has such a positive impact on your life. As I’m not a gambler but I’ve been reading about FOBT etc and I found it ludicrous how predatory the practice/ industry. And I’m glad there aren’t ways that someone can circumnavigate the block as its always hard to break an addiction whatever it is

(Tom) #115

Danny, what do you think about a system like this.

A universal ‘betting card’ which you need if you are betting either online or in a store within the United Kingdom. These can be obtained from any betting shop but the card must be scanned on any machine or over the counter transaction.

If you are a problem gambler, you can opt-out, which means you will not be served as the card will be ‘blocked’ for gambling.


Yep yep yep !

I’ve been wanting/wishing to make all gambling by card payments only (then bank card works just like your idea) also would solve the money laundering and crime betting !

Alternatively, use you bank card as just your tap to play, a bit like an ID card.

Would be the right amount of friction to stop serious Gambling issues. I know it’s never going to be completely unstoppable. Im also not anti gambling, had chance to speak with a few gambling companies about the way they work currently and the tech they want to push to try help.

To the gambling companies, they need to be more proactive, or the percentage that have problem with gambling will ruin the whole industry as it gets more highlighted. Hopefully that made sense !

(Tom) #117

It makes perfect sense, even with Apps so popular, you could have an app rather than a card.
As most companies have their own loyalty cards now, I would love if you had to have them in order to bet.

I’m not anti-gambling either, many of my friends gamble without having any issues, but a little more protection for the people who do struggle would be fab!