Block gambling transactions from your Monzo account

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Are they able to do that as i wasnt sure they was able to

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Just ask in chat. If you tell them why you want it they’ll speak to the vulnerable customer team and sort it out :+1:

They’re really nice and helpful


Yep, I took a few days to make my mind up, asked myself questions first about when might I need cash, e.g. what if I need money on holidays and set a plan for each.

Hairdressers was main one, so £20 covers that. Holiday money you can order online or transfer to a relative to get cash out to exchange

Anytime you have any questions or want to check anything out feel free to DM me if you want, always happy to help :slight_smile:


Good luck. It won’t be easy but keep believing and you will succeed! Step by step, day after day and you will make it! :grinning:

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Hmm. So 14,000 people constitutes a ‘demand’ for gambling block, but there are no plans for Samsung Pay.


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Let’s pretend you didn’t just say that :slight_smile: because

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Pretend away.

Just to be clear; I fully support the introduction of gambling block and applaud Monzo for introducing it. So much so, that I have it turned on.

It just seems to me that 14,000 out of 800,000 might be a similar proportion who would welcome Samsung Pay, but there are no plans to introduce Samsung Pay.

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You’re comparing two very different things, in terms of the value that they’re adding (+ the fact that the gambling block was built by someone using Monzo Time). That doesn’t make sense at all.

If you want Samsung Pay, I suggest you comment in the dedicated thread & read SimonB’s explanation of why Monzo’s not released it.

Because right now you’re at risk of people thinking that you’re saying that Monzo shouldn’t have prioritised this feature & I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to happen.

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I wouldn’t. But I’d hope that people would read the paragraph before the one you’ve quoted first (unless this forum has a lot of people who read from bottom to top) and so those people wouldn’t think I’ve said something I didn’t say.


This block more than likely saved my life. This feature will be life changing for the few that it works for and was a major gap in the chain of combating the addiction.


I read it that you felt it was double standards to suggest that Samsung Pay wasn’t required, because only a small percentage of people would use it.

But you’ve come to the conclusion that it would be a similar number of people to those who use the Gambling Block.

I didn’t think you were saying Monzo shouldn’t have prioritised the Gambling Block.

But I also don’t care about Samsng :joy:

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I’m not sure double standards can really come into play here. I feel like double standards can be assessed when the things in question are of equal weight/value.

Monzo have clearly put more value to the Gambling Block than Samsung Pay because of (presumably) what the future impact will be on those using it.

They’ve assessed that the Gambling Block will be of more value to users than the introduction of Samsung Pay so went ahead with one as opposed to the other.*

*My assumption


Monzo is doing the right thing on tackling the gambling addiction. It upsets me that the goverment doesn’t see it the same way :pensive:

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Too true.


I see your point about government and gambling. But it depends how they were to implement it.

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Hi Monzo,

Any chance of getting DRAFTKINGS added to the gambling block please?

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You’re probably best off using the in app chat , especially if you’ve made a purchase there so Monzo can see exactly which merchant you are talking about.

Bear in mind support is running slow at the moment.

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The block works by stopping a specific merchant code that all gambling sites use for card payments. I wonder why this one isn’t included?

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Hi Tommy,

Can you send me an email to so I can get the merchant info from your transaction. I’ll then add them to our list of merchants that are violating Mastercard rules and also raise a compliance case with Mastercard as well.