Block gambling transactions from your Monzo account

I’m quite capable of deciding which points I’d like to raise without you creating incendiary and defamatory insinuations.

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I was just following your ‘logic’ :man_shrugging:


No you were attempting to put words in my mouth

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I simply asked the question. I’m glad the answer was (presumably) “no”.


No one in their right mind would complain about it. No need to be provocative. Let’s have a discussion without provocative statements.

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Who complains about a feature that’s intended to stop people with an addiction from gambling? :joy:


It may not be, they have not confirmed yet. Perhaps it is Yes!

come on ladies and gentlemen can we calm this down a bit - :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


At the end of the day features like gambling option and coin jar are great ideas. They may seem like for a small amount of people but in the long term can help lots of people. If there only small projects along the larger ones and only being worked on in small amount of time I think there doing a great job.


I do get frustrated when gambling is often cast off as a minor issue, an easily solved one. It’s a socially accepted addiction that often gets cast as being a waste of time to help.

A feature like this might help small numbers but will save lives, save uncontrollable debt, avoid family breakdowns and actually help some people smile again.

This isn’t directed at anyone, this is just me being passionate.


Don’t want it to seem like a dogpile on here but I echo most people’s sentiments :raised_hands:t3: I think this feature, while it may not benefit me specifically, definitely would improve the lives of many people who suffer from gambling addiction.

I’m sure Monzo didn’t stop developing and improving all other features in the app just to do this gambling blocker, so it seems a bit petty to complain about it in my opinion! They can work on many features at one time and “little things” like this encourage creativity- stamping out bugs are crucial but I don’t see this as a waste of time :slight_smile:


I am in no way suggesting that the feature isn’t important, I was querying the allocation of limited resources, but some in the Monzo monoculture can’t separate rational discussion from emotive worthiness signalling.

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lol Im a worthiness signaller , I like that Monzo are trying to help people with addictions to keep their money in their Monzo account - makes Monzo more profit :slight_smile:

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Fully agree @iansilversides!

How Monzo’s resources should be allocated is a question that we can’t answer. So the only thing you ‘achieve’ by asking the question, is questioning the worthiness of this type of work.


and bugs are annoying :slight_smile:

Tbh, why waste all this time on overdrafts, computer always says no, make features I can use :wink:

Just trying to be light hearted!!


Maybe you should clarify your initial statements, since saying


would have given the impression that you didn’t think this was important. Money is obviously an emotional thing though and I think questioning a scheme that helps people, even how few, would definitely elicit a huge, emotional response.


FOBT = fixed-odds betting terminal


I’ll confess I did misunderstand at first and didn’t see it as a resources being questions and felt like it was saying due to numbers using it we shouldn’t be helped.

Understand @DaveTMG point now, although disagree ha, but yes I misread also at first.