Block gambling transactions from your Monzo account


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Me too, I enabled it for the extra bit of security.


Unfortunately I wouldn’t be someone taking part in any of those, it’s same trigger and leads to the rest. I won’t even take part in office sweepstakes anymore, you soon start to think your lucky or know the game, and it leads back to square one.

I’m sure most people will enjoy donating to charitable causes with a prize possible. :slight_smile:


Yeah unfortunately I believe this would require you to register with the gambling commission

I don’t believe that’s correct. The national lottery is regulated and registered by the gambling commission. Just checked a set of charity raffle tickets on my desk and they also refer to being registered with the gambling commission.

My understanding is that if someone is giving money for the potential of winning a prize this would be a lottery, even if run by a charitable organisation. Sweepstakes are also generally gambling and fall under the rules of betting, and yes you find them in workplaces (which most think of as fun but I don’t like) and if an employer has sanctioned the gambling they are also required to register this with the gambling commission (but most wouldn’t and to be fair the gambling commission have more important work in what is a very harmful and destructive gaming industry!)

So my advice, if you’re serious about this venture, you need to talk to the gambling commission.

Me too, I don’t general “gamble” other than supporting the odd charity or local organisation. Flipping the switch therefore prevents me even from trying, and what’s more if a fraudster stole my card it could prevent at least some kinds of transactions which would be a saving for both me and Monzo.

My question about this type of usage though is do transactions appear as declined in your feed and I’m assuming a failsafe as with other declined transactions would be to flag through the in-app chat if a merchant was being declined and was incorrectly classified as gambling :thinking:

1481 out of what, 600000? Is this a good use of resources, when we have iOS bugs that have been around for months now?

I suppose that depends if you are one of the 1481 with the “problem” I would suggest if it helps one person out of addiction its a good use of maybe 1- 2 days writing of code - is coding that “simple” don’t know :slight_smile: ?

edit - no offence Dave , bugs are annoying :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s a great use of resources. The speed to fix a bug will depend on the criticality of it. If it’s a minor annoyance for a few people then I can imagine it’ll take longer. If you’re talking about enhancements to features, that’s also different.

For those that need, and I mean really need this feature, it’s a blessing. This isn’t a time for “what about me”, this is social responsibility in action.


I do! I have gone 2 month’s with the feature on and not ended up pemnyless, bills missed or feeling more depressed than ever !!


It’s explained in that the gambling block was a feature that came out of Monzo Time - when staff are given the space to work on new features that don’t otherwise sit within the roadmap.

The blog details all the benefits that Monzo (and many other companies which do something similar) get from given staff space to experiment and be creative but fixing bugs is a) likely to be different people to the ones who worked on gambling block and b) part of the day-to-day roadmap rather than a candidate for Monzo Time.

Just because a small proportion of users get benefit from it, doesn’t mean that it’s not worth doing.


I understand it’s a god send for those who need it, but deciding on features based on whether or not a Monzo employee takes a fancy to an extremely niche requirement is not in my view optimal.

What about the features that are important to other 0.002% niche groups?

It’s the bigger picture, Monzo is a bank taking pride in helping the gaps missed by the rest, money is a big factor in many issues people with mental health, or social issues get left to battle alone. So slowly adding in the features like this, and the support around it, Monzo will make a huge impact, look how starling also did this feature.

I know that in a few years when this becomes legalisation for all banks to help these groups of society, you’ll think was worth the time at the start to of started the bigger changes.


Feels a bit like a race to the bottom.

If we can’t do a good thing every group then we shouldn’t do a good thing for anyone?


I think you’re missing the point of Monzo Time (and Google’s famous 20% time etc.) - the big, wide benefit features are worked on during the vast majority of the week - currently with the focus on the list from

Monzo employees are then able to use a little bit of additional time each week to work on their own ideas, like the gambling block, or flight information which provide benefit for a much smaller number of people (and are therefore low priority in comparison to the Big List) but which have a benefit to a small group of people / or just make the user experience a little bit better (while enabling staff to direct their own work and get all of the other benefits described in the Monzo Time blog). This is where other 1% or 0.5% (or indeed 0.002%) projects can be worked on.


Coin jar started in exactly the same way and look how popular that is.
It can’t all be scheduled work, that would get very dull and limit creativity


Not at all, but with limited resources you should attempt to maximise the benefit. In order to do this for 1500 people, a task that could have benefited 150000 may well have been neglected.

I’m not sure you can compare a substantial increase in the quality of someone’s life with making sure a few cosmetic bugs are fixed.


Exactly this. The number of people helped might be small but the impact on their lives could be huge. Perhaps this is unlikely but imagine if this stops someone racking up such large debts that they would have committed suicide. That does happen.


I understand what you are saying about benefiting the greater number of users , Im quite happy to put up with a “bug” taking a bit longer to be fixed e.g, the card icon not being centralised on android display - if it helps one person not spend their monthly income in one day on a gambling site because they have an addiction - is it a good use of time - yes I think so , do I want everything working perfectly in the app yes of course we all do :slight_smile:


Are you going to complain when Monzo launches current accounts for the unbanked because (by definition) they’re the minority?


If the number of users isn’t justifying the time, maybe the potential money monzo are helping to keep within the bank and avoiding debt might ?

“Individual gamblers lost more than £1,000 on FOBTs on more than 233,000 occasions in a single 10-month period”

If ever user (1400+ monzo) avoids gambling £500 a month on average that’s £740,500 a month ! £500 is a very conservative guess, I can almost promise it’s much higher !

Then look at the scary rate the losses per year on gaming is going up just on FOBT, this was a feature desperately needed …