Authentication in a headless CI script


I’m trying to automate some stuff on my Monzo account - I primarily use my joint account and IFTTT recipes cannot be run on join accounts.

I can do what I want to do via the REST API, but I’m not sure the best way to authenticate do my script can run on a CI such as Jenkins or GitHub Actions.

I started off using the token from the playground but this expires (after a day?)

I understand the documented flow, but it requires a user interaction - is there any supported method (or hack?) to authenticate when running on a CI?



Hi Dan. You’ll need to get an access token (and refresh token) and somehow transfer it to your CI (see a previous post about a command line app for pointers). Then your CI will be able to use the refresh token to get a new access token whenever that expires.

Alternatively assuming it’s hosted somewhere you can https to you could just setup a more typical oauth flow.