ATM Fees Abroad: The Community Has Spoken

I’ve been to Berlin and Frankfurt twice in the past 6 months, and the only things I had to pay cash for were cigarettes… Every restaurant, taxi, and supermarket I went in accepted card :man_shrugging:

More importantly, there are plenty of services that allow you to either have a multi-currency account, or do free withdrawals. The choice is still there, so I don’t see what the problem is…

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Would have been nice to know about this three weeks ago so we could have had some input!

Now there’s zero reason to have a Monzo card and I’ll go back to one of the many options that doesn’t have overseas fees…

The polls and surveys for this have been going on for months…


Can you make this limit per month per currency? This prevents having to worry about not crossing another border before the end of the month, while still encouraging to use cash only when needed.


That’s your prerogative. Monzo is not the best solution for all people in all circumstances.

Would have been nice for you read some blogs or just visit community …

Neither do I, it boils down to the question do you want a current account or a travel card and if the answer is travel card then it may not be for you and the rest of us shouldn’t have to subsidise you using it as such.

There has been a lot of slinging of insults or accusations of deceptiveness which I believe to be completely unjustified so to monzo and its staff particularly @tristan, @Naji, @bea, of course @tom and anyone else who ive missed out, thank you for running a fair vote for the best option for the whole community.

tl;dr: Thanks monzo for asking and involving the community, it was fair and well publiscised and a result was achieved that reflected the best interests of the majority of normal users.


The asnswee is as has already been given. After all the faff and discussion on here for weeks I don’t think they’ll change it now.

Nope. This is just a blanket cost - the reason being that Monzo get charged for transactions on non-UK ATMs. They’re not charged per currency.

just for information - my email went into my junk mail folder :slight_smile: but doesnt when you send out monthly journals

I’ll take the free sandwich maker…can I have one in Hot Coral please


On the subject of the 3% fee…

My legacy bank charges 2.75%, so less. I’ll use my Monzo card in shops… But once I need more than £200 cash, I’ll switch back to my bank. That’s a shame, I need to do things in the way.

This policy will definitely weed out the people who only use Monzo as a travel card, but some genuine customers will also be put off, sadly.

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If this is solely your one and only motivation, then we’re all probably better off if you leave Monzo.

Most of us are using it for more than just a cheap travel money option.

So please, stop moaning about the fact that it’s going to cost you about £3 extra a year and go to another (cheaper) bank. Let us enjoy all of the other great things that Monzo is doing.

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Yeah sorry I don’t spend my days checking in on the blog in case they’ve made a new post every day…

You would have thought something that directly affects the pricing of the product would deserve a notification through the app to ensure everyone has a chance to have their opinion heard…


I’m aware of the reason, but per currency makes more sense to me than per month, as a frequent traveler. I doubt this change would be very expensive, because most people just go to one country per trip. But if it is expensive, I wouldn’t mind offsetting that cost by changing one month to two months. The reason being that there is no way to avoid using an ATM at least once per currency, but you can certainly plan a few weeks ahead.

First time I’m hearing about this discussion by the way, I’m not super active in forums. For polls like these, it would make sense to email users who used ATM’s abroad in the past few months.

Your legacy bank almost certainly charges you 2.75% fee PLUS it loads the exchange rate.


I am disappointed, if not surprised. It’s often very hard to pay ‘by card’ in places outside ‘the West’/Europe/US. Some currencies you can’t purchase before you travel. In some places it’s not safe to have all your cash for your holiday on you when you arrive.

I will be sticking with Monzo for the near future, but will be looking into an alternative card to take on holiday - which is a shame as I liked Monzo for its ‘whole world’ (I mean your own money world, not the globe haha) approach. Now I will have to segregate my holiday spending from my day-to-day spending, which makes it harder to manage my money.


They actually sent out emails to all customers regarding this.


Lots of people in this thread who seemingly have never left Europe or the Anglophone world nor taken a trip of more than a couple of weeks in August…


Which bank doesn’t load the exchange rate?