Apple Watch authentication

Is there any chance of integrating Apple Watch authentication into the app?

I’m thinking of the same way as if you’re wearing your Apple Watch and it’s unlocked you can automatically unlock your iMac / MacBook if you’re nearby?

What’s everyone’s thoughts? :watch:

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I mean from my standpoint I’d prefer not to have that. I like I have to provide auth every time I access the app.

I guess like most things Monzo though, why not as long as you can turn it on or off


Not sure this would be possible given what the Apple Watch SDK allows.

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It would be cool to approve 3D Secure transactions on the watch though, will save the time going for the phone every time you want to buy something online.


Yep this would be cool!

It even says “tap this notification to approve” on the watch - But obviously that’s just a mirror of the phone notification.

+1 for the watch authorisation.


I’m struggling to understand the benefits of this but can easily be persuaded. Let me see if I understand this correctly.

You, presumably already have the phone in your hand and unlockcked (1st factor). You want to have a 2nd factor (or repeat of the first) on the app. You presumably have enabled that in the app. BUT if your watch is in the vicinity, you want that app-security to be bypassed in lieu of your presence?

Is that right?


Generally, my phone is locked. So I have to unlock it first - It’s not a biggie, but it’s a little annoying.

Secondly, my account always opens up to my joint account - So there is a time delay whilst it switches over to whatever account it is.

If I had a simple “approve” button on the watch notification (or even on the phone notification), it would make the process 4/5 times quicker.

I don’t have any security on the app itself - I have security on my phone (and watch), and I have the added “PIN protection” for any transactions for in the app.


Ah Sorry @nickh - My lack of understanding was aimed at the OP @Samwade1 which I think is about operating the app generally rather than responding to notifications. Or maybe not!

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