Any Aggregator who give insights for a Year / Custom date range

I basically want to find where my money was spent in the last financial year. Is there any aggregator who provides this facility where i choose the From and To dates and all the transactions are grouped for this custom date range?

I have used Yolt and Emma and both provide this on a monthly basis and nothing for a year or a custom date range. Any suggestions?

Although you may find it overkill if you are only wanting an “Aggregator” seeing that it is really accounting software. But it’s extremely powerful, and I could never live with something as simplistic as Emma or Yolt anymore.

Doesn’t support Monzo yet, though, but you can import CSVs.

To clarify: Despite its main marketing being directed at small businesses, it has a personal product which works really really well.

Looks interesting. but this would mean i go back to the old school method of downloading different statements and manually tagging them individually.

Yolt and Emma apps have what i am after but only in a monthly format whereas I need a Yearly format

Sadly yes. I wish they’d open their API! That might be the one thing that might make me ditch my credit cards and use Starling/Monzo for spending (probably Starling, though, for various reasons.) …

Have you considered, though, to just get your 12 monthly figures and put them into an Excel / Google Sheets sheet? Do Emma or Yolt offer CSV exports of their reports?