Another crowdfunding round?

(Andrew Raynes) #1

Hey :wave:

I sadly missed the Crowdfunding round, do we think another will be run in the future? :blush::+1:

(Splodf) #2

Quite likely. Nothing concrete yet though.

(Andrew Raynes) #3

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

(Tom ) #4

My gut feeling is that’s it for crowdfunding, but feel free to bookmark this post so I can eat my words.


I’d be surprised if they go for another crowdfunding round


I suspect there might be one more, maybe for US citizens, to get the regulatory capital they’ll need to launch in the States.

(And to pay for the Coral Crew to attend the first US meet up obvs).

(Edward) #7

IIRC crowdfunding as we have here - available to the general public - is not possible in the US, there are minimum requirements you need to meet (a certain level of income and available capital).