[Android] Flickering category and scheduled payments icons

Most category icons flickering. It’s especially noticeable on the summary page.

Also noticeable on the Schedule Payments section in the Payments tab. Seems to only affect the Scheduled Payments and Standing Orders section here though. :thinking:

Details to reproduce: Go to Summary tab, icons will flicker and then settle.

It’s as though it’s cycling through all the icons on the screen before it lands on the right one. however, it has occasionally landed on the the wrong icon.

OS: Android 9
Device: Pixel 2 XL
App Version: 2.25.1 (beta)


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I have a similar thing but it happens only once, it’s a flicker, rather than flickering.

When toggling between the ‘Account’ tab and the ‘Summary’ tab - when the Summary page draws, watch the category icons on the left. The icons initially draw correctly, then something else (looks like a red dot but is too fast to see) is drawn over them, then the icon is re-drawn. It is very fast. When this flicker has happened the icons remain correctly drawn and scroll up/down OK too. Reproducing it is easy.

This is using a Joint Account. If I do the same in my personal account, the category icons in my Summary are greyed out (I have no activity in my CA) but they do not flicker. Maybe a clue - only non-greyed category icons are being re-drawn?

Same OS, phone, beta app version as @redshift