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Interesting and positive customer experience with Amex.

Earlier this year I ordered a bunch of furniture from a retailer, but on the day of delivery some of it was not on the van and I’ve been having a nightmare trying to get in touch with the company to find out where my stuff is. They re-arranged delivery once but nothing ever materialised.

Anyway, fed up with their lack of care and complete disregard for their customers - yesterday I contacted Amex and raised a dispute for the amount. They said it would take about 2 months to resolve.

Today I got a notification saying they closed the dispute, have sided with me and will refund me the money in my next statement!!

Moral of the story

  1. always, ALWAYS pay for expensive items with a credit card.
  2. scrutinise furniture retailers closely. look at their reviews on trustpilot.

Latest to appear in my Offers, of any actual benefit:

Curve have similar offer, but only at 5%

Pennies though, I know, for many people.


Mine was 10% and for once this is something I’ll actually use


There’s also this one. It’s on my Rewards card but not on my BAPP.


Used mine today to buy Amazon gift card, so technically, if it goes through, 7% discount with Amazon. 4% more than with Chase (this month anyway)


Can confirm that the 7% cashback has been credited to my account.

So anyone wishing to get 7% back off planned Amazon purchases can buy gift cards on the Morrisons offer and effectively save money :man_shrugging:


Just used my first Amex rewards thingy from the rewards tab, how long until I see the money back? :slight_smile:

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It varies.

Mine usually appear within 5 days, although often dated before the date they appear.

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Usually within a few days. They used to notify you but no longer. It’ll just show as a credit.

They still notify you if an offer has been used.

I get an email.

But agree with @coffeemadman, no notification that credit has been added to your account.

They haven’t notified me for over a year now, and I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere. Odd.


I get notified for some (like the £100 Amex Travel offer and Marriott offer) but not others like Shop Small.

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Maybe that’s it then. Though I got £50 back from Marriot in December and didn’t get one.

Interesting new offer if you have the Amex Platinum card.

6 x £50 credits for purchase at Harvey Nichols, one every 6 months.


I wouldn’t shop at Harvey Nichols but the restaurants being included is great, especially the OXO Tower.

You can always buy me a bottle of Grey Goose and have it delivered directly to me? :grinning:


Ooh that’s cool! I could buy cosmetics that I usually buy but get them for free. I can’t see the offer in my app yet though. Anyone else got it?

Yes, saved to my card. Try the web version?