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If anyone wants to see both designs side by side.


Just been in the Amex app and there is an option to Pay With Bank Transfer with Monzo being a supported bank. Open Banking API I assume? I just made one and it says it takes 24-36 hours to post to the AMEX account.

So debit card payment remains the preferred option is suppose

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It has just posted - so quick but not instant.

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Ah, very nice. Must have been a statement to cover themselves just in case there are any delays then, rather than some antiquated processing on the backend.

Do you remember what other banks were supported?

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No Starling (are they regretting their non standard API?) and Barclays :soon:


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With the advent of Chase coming onto the market, does anyone reckon Amex will try and up their cashback offer for the platinum everyday card?

I’ve not really used my Amex for nearly 2 months now, outside of some recurring payments that I’ve forgotten to move.

Is there a limit to that cashback?

Not used mine since cashback in February as was never likely to hit £3k on it this year.

Won’t in 2022 now :rofl:

Same - definitely not going to hit £3k this year so moved everything to my Chase card!

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It’s just the marketing of the card “Platinum Everyday” doesn’t seem very competitive for the use-case anymore (everyday spending)

I got the card a few years ago and was using it almost exclusively for years.

Now with Chase coming along I’ve found zero reason to use it, especially as Mastercard is universally accepted. Granted Chase only promise this cashback for 12 months so could just be a temporary thing, but still, would take a lot to tempt me back!

Haven’t used mine since I signed up to Chase. They need to up their game.

For everyday purchases Chase is a lot better for cashback, but you have to keep an eye on AmEx offers. I did use my AmEx Platinum Cashback recently at Morrisons where it had 10% cashback :smiley: :pound:

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I have 10% at Costa until 30/11/21

Mind, I have same offer with Curve until 13/12/21, and would get extra 1% on top from Chase :grin:

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As tempting as the “free” money is with Chase, using the BA e-store, Nectar, and Amex offers, I am (personally) still finding that collecting the Avios is better value.

Plus, having to transfer funds from my main account into chase to make the purchases is more hassle than just using Amex wherever possible and paying the bill by D/D each month.
(Again, just my personal experience)


Do you think American Express can work out who we are?


Dear xxxx

Your American Express® Card ending in xxxxx was successfully de-linked your phone device.

If your American Express Card Account has not been cancelled, you can re-link this Card to your Android device at any time.

Thank you for your Cardmembership.

American Express Customer Care


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You can use Chase and the BA Store though - you get the Avios plus 1% cashback. The base Avios from the BA Amex is hovering around 0.7-0.8p per Avios so you’re doing better getting the 1% for those and then gathering the bonus Avios on the sale itself.


Wooo!!! I applied for Amex (after having very bad credit last year, student things :wink: ) and I got accepted for their most basic card, basic :slight_smile:


It’s back. Well from 4 December, it is :blush: