Addition to the Split bill feature

Hey guys, I have been using Monzo a while and loving every bit of it. I moved my current account over around a month ago and have not regretted it since, but with that said there are some features I feel would benefit the app.

I love the split bill feature but I cannot help but feel it is missing something, some of my friends have not adopted Monzo yet and some prefer to use certain methods to pay me back ( like PayPal) rather than the shareable link, it would be amazing if in the transaction details I can mark which friends have already paid through other methods and also link the transaction so it can deduct it off the overall bill. this would allow anyone to pay me back however they see fit while I’m still able to use the bill splitting feature

just giving my 2 cents to this amazing bank and i apologise if this idea has been posted before.

look forward to discussing this more


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I think I have a similar idea to the above.

Would it be possible to to see a list of outstanding payments that you have requested, that have yet to be paid?

i.e. a some form of list to see what money you are ‘still owed’ but have not yet received.


I did see on here a week or so ago a Monzo employee posted that they were working on a sort of ‘inbox’ of outstanding payments. I think they even included a mockup screenshot. I can’t think where I saw it now…


This is a really good idea- I second it :raised_hands:

I agree with chazragg, that would be a really useful addition, rather than writing on a notepad who owes something to remind me.

this is a cool idea and i believe i have seen other posts talking about it, my idea is more giving alternative ways for people to pay a split bill without using the mono link or having to be a monzo user without changing how we use the feature to much