Ability to pay bill splits & requests in one tap

When you owe contact money that appears in the pay bill splits & requests section, you need to tirelessly accept every single request, this can take a long time if you have a lot of money to pay someone!

You should have the ability to review every request and accept one by one, and the ability to accept all in one tap/button.

On the back of this, if I find most bill splits are with the same person (my partner) and we both owe each other about the same amount, would be good to just “settle” that in one move. Either cancel the bill splits, or make the appropriate payments in one simple way, instead of, like you say, accepting every single request.

Depending on when it is in the month, we usually owe each other about the same amount of money, but neither of us has enough to transfer to each other lol.

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Shared tab if you frequently share with the same person.