A Technical Look at How Monzo-to-Monzo Payments Work


Very interesting, and confirms what I suspected in that the most complex is prepaid -> current account. This is probably one of the key things that sets Monzo apart from other companies, but respectively makes Monzo’s customers sometimes the most demanding.

Monzo implemented this because as customers we’ve come to expect the best from Monzo.

Glad that now Monzo can simplify some of these more complex interim workarounds as the Prepaid is Closed. :sunglasses:


Great read! Thank you for taking the time to explain the details :+1:t2:

A nice insight into the complexities of running both the prepaid and current account platforms. It’ll be great to see the movement you guys can make now without having to tweak aspects for each type of account! :sweat_smile:


Really enjoyed reading that, thank you for the insight! Off the back of this blog post I read through the “Building a Modern Bank Backend” blog.
I’m learing about microservices/software enginnering during my university studies and seeing how it fits into real life examples like Monzo really help! :slight_smile:


I love these kind of behind-the-scenes blog posts. Thanks for this one, and keep them coming! :wink:


Think I’m going to be fully qualified with a degree in Bankology after a couple of years with Monzo :brain:


Knowing how the services you use operate and work at a basic level can only be a good thing. Banks are traditionally very black box type industries. It’s why they get away with such shockingly risky practice.

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