Zero-Based Budgeting

(Simon Porter) #1

Any chance that Monzo are considering other budgeting methods? The targets we currently have is certainly much better than I’ve seen from other banks. I’d like to be given a choice of budgeting methods if its possible.

I’m a big fan of zero-based budgeting that’s recommended by Dave Ramsey. With targets, if I overspend in one month then it doesn’t necessarily adjust the next month down. With zero-based budgeting I can only allocate and spend what I have.

To date I’ve been using a program called YNAB to do this but its always been a bit of a chore because of having to manually key everything in. Monzo has me excited as everything gets categorised as you’re spending it.


(Naji Esiri) #2

Hey Simon,

The ‘Targets’ feature is simply the first iteration of many other budgeting tools and options we’d like to develop. Hugo’s mentioned a couple of the longer term possibilities in the Sneak Peek Targets thread :slightly_smiling_face: