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Oh. Him.

If that was mentioned in the original post above I’d have formed my opinion pretty quick. I’ve seen snippets of his stuff on YouTube in the past. It’s always a question asked in bad faith directed at the wrong people. Don’t like that form of debate in discourse.

Based on what I’ve seen of him (and I’ve not watched the 95 minute long video nor will I ever) my opinion on what he does pretty much echos @breville_monkey’s above. Not really hate speech, but it’s not very nice nor helpful.


This Topic has received a large number of flags and I’ve also received multiple DMs about the content being posted.

I’m currently reviewing all at the moment. I’ll remove anything that doesn’t belong in the Topic and will reply to those who have messaged me.


Opening this Topic back up :unlock:

I’ll be replying to users messages today to answer the questions which have been sent over.

For those unfamiliar, the Code of Conduct can be found here:

If you feel like there’s a breach to it you can flag it and if you feel like you don’t agree with a post you’ve made being flag you can speak to me over DM.


Hi @AlanDoe - thanks for post. I’ve read through the code of conduct and all of my posts are within the guidelines, and yet they still remain hidden. Why is this?

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I have.

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Then wait for him to reply.

I’m waiting.

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As am I. I presume he’ll be progressing through the messages on a FILO basis, so just be patient. I know he said today, but it’s a tough job so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t get around to you until next week. It’s worth noting neither of our posts in question were among the 35 posts removed either, they’re just in limbo for now until he gets to us.


Yeah… almost seems intentional.

Did anyone else get that bait message from the daily mail about this? Obviously didn’t reply, as I am not associating myself with that publication. However, I would like my messages to at least be shown.

I think all of my posts were removed but when I messaged none broke rules but I think they were just responding to some posts being deleted so it might just be that some posts got caught up in the great cleanup of 2023.

Ultimately this is an online forum for a bank. Let’s not get too caught up in hysteria over posts!

(Tho I am incredibly curious what the hidden posts say :stuck_out_tongue:)


The flag abuse will just get the topic locked again :man_shrugging:t3:


Hopefully @AlanDoe can answer if this is intentional or not too.

I can sort of understand why you don’t want flagged posts to be read, but on the other hand it has the potential to be abused further as with a few reports you can remove anyones opinion/comment.


Tesla to the rescue!

Another day, another PR disaster for Twitter.

ETA following a request for context: I see a link has already been posted in response now, but I’m editing this with the required context as I didn’t notice the tweet I originally shared contained an edited joke version at the start of the thread.


For those of us who are not actively following this stuff, please can you provide the sources and not just the claim/criticism/ad-hominem of the day? It’s really useful, and I can’t overstate that.

To not only baits the sort of discourse that resulted in the shutdown a few weeks ago.

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Probably something to do with him saying “cis” is a slur term


I think the screenshot in that thread is edited, but this is the cause of today’s shenanigans:

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