What would make Monzo so much better for you?

For me Monzo would be our number one bank if joint accounts had pots and the number of pots would increase to like 20 or 30! And you could select your own pictures for the pots…


Im going to be honest and just say too many to list before id be 100% happy :joy:

I honestly dont think ill ever be 100% happy with monzo but theyre doing alot of positive things that are making me excited about my bank… and thats something i wouldnt have ever thought id be saying 5 years ago.


Mine is splitting transactions to different budgets and being able to use people paying me back, through normal transfers, to net off categories.


An integration with Funding Cirle so that I could see my balance there and have it taken into account in summary.

That or a transaction category for giving/charity!

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Personally I would want to see a complete redesign of the Android app.


A redesign of the iOS app. Better app performance too.


For the app to actually look more professionally refined, and not like it’s been designed to target the student market. That is a prime complaint I’ve seen elsewhere.

The Starling App is a prime example of how others see a professional looking banking app in 2018.


:joy: oh god no

Edit: the gif says it better



To be honest Starling is good if you remove the stupid circle/pulse graph. Definitely a different style from Monzo but good nonetheless, just for different tastes.

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I really feel for the Monzo employees involved in design decisions when they have to read this kind of comment.


I wanted starling but they do credit checks so I failed to get one. It’s funny tho cuz if I’d had this type of account back on the day I wouldn’t have borrowed money and would have saved better 🤦

Other people have said similar! It’s a big drawback when you don’t find the layout easy to use and read.

I really cannot stand the “professional” corporate look of Starling, which is one of the reasons why I am using Monzo and not them.


For me, it’s the budgeting features. I just wish they offered more granularity (custom and sub categories), and the whole ‘product’ relating to budgeting (summary, pots, spending categories and assigning a budget itself), were made with a consistent goal in mind.


Fix chat waiting times and actually make summary useful for people who aren’t paid on the same day every month (I know these are being worked on anyway :slight_smile: )


I have some good news for you. All three of these are either in progress or being strongly considered. :slightly_smiling_face:


Unsplash? :crossed_fingers:


I’m pretty happy with Monzo for what I need it to do. Money in, money out. I love the notifications and instant transactions.

BUT what I want to see is better summary. Pre Monzo I could tell you exactly how much I had in my account. Now I only look at how much left to spend. This is a superb feature but doesn’t take into account additional regular income (child benefit for example).

What really exites me is the marketplace and what could stand Monzo apart from competitors. Some banks offer a partial marketplace but I’d love to see real insight into my own spending with tailored offers rather than oh you pay into a S&S ISA and here are some other providors.


Seriously. This is incredibly harsh, and the Monzo app isn’t bad in UI or UX by any stretch of the imagination.


I believe it’s alrwady confirmed/strongly hinted. Committed spending pot. I need that in my life.

More IFTTT triggers.

The marketplace launching with one click sign up to things etc.

Linking your Monzo account to your forum account… Like anyone would think that’s a good idea.