Triodos chat

Secure messages being accessible via the QR code is a pain though, you need a second device to read them

Update: I tried to tap it on a bus, no joy. Wasn’t TfL but in North Yorkshire.

Yet, it worked on another bus, with the same type of machine… it seems they do mention this quirk on the site (spent a while trying to find where, but can’t find it again), but surely not acceptable when it’s intended to be used as your primary account & comes with fees.

Luckily, I had my work card associated with Apple Pay or I’d have been stuck a while from home.

You’re solely Triodos?

Yeah but I got a work card too, awkward text to the TM

I enjoy it immensely aside from this quirk. I wish I could find the bit on their site.

Edit: found it.

To be fair, TfL is a different kettle of fish, had that so many times in the past at work

How is using another card costly? They could just pay it off straight away with no charges applied.

They really don’t like deforestation eh?

Because he had to use another card to tap out, incurring fees on both. It’s not my review.

I’m tempted to ring, since it’s ridiculous, it’s not like a prepaid card like Wise or something where you’d let it slide.

Wonder if Curve would fix it.

They still very much suffer from small bank syndrome. The BIN probably gets forgotten about, or is being blocked for some reason. Hence requiring a new debit card to fix it per their response.

Triodos is too archaic as much as I like what they stand for it. It gets in the way. They should buy Algbra. Or at least use their Starling-esque BaaS platform to run Triodos on it.

If Algbra ever gets a banking license, I’m dropping everything else and never looking back.


I’ve actually never had any acceptance issues but I always carry a credit card. I also think the app is a bit underrated as it is very simple and doesn’t require physical devices and has pending transactions - I would consider it better than the Coop or Nationwide for instance (aware it’s not a high bar but in a similar ish space). The transfer times have been speeding up of late too. They do a great job of showing how deposited funds are used to fund business practices, it’s fairly unparalleled in the current account space. Even in the savings space banks like Tandem are a bit murkier, and Ecology Building Society are a bit more narrow in where they lend naturally.

My salary goes in there and a few bills with some sent to the joint account, the remaining balance is drip fed into Revolut for spending or just spend straight off the card if I cba. Works fine for me.

The main area I no longer use are the investments. I have a fixed saver with a fairly good rate as well actually.

My issue with Algbra was the CS which was inconsistent. Not for more than pocket money atm imo.

I ditched my Triodos account (twice) as it wouldn’t work consistently with TFL. The standard response from CS was speak to TFL. Of course every other card I have works fine either directly or via apple pay.
I am testing out Algbra and it seems fine but I would never use any of these accounts for my main account. I won’t even use Chase as it’s still too limited

Generally speaking I find credit cards better for those sorts of payments - off line style ones. Let it clear and deal with it later.

The TfL fare capping system relies on a customer using the same payment method all the time.

If you use a different card or even payment method (watch vs card for instance), it doesn’t count


I’ve not had any TfL issues with Triodos, I use it in Google Pay via Curve.

There’s a lot to like about the account. We use it as our joint ‘shopping’ account and never have any troubles with it. There’s just a bit of lag on transfers out but I don’t make them often so that’s OK.

If they had native Google Pay support so I could use two cards via it if possibly move my personal account to them too.

To add to this, let’s say your fare costs £2 if you tap in and out with the same card. If you tap in then tap out with a different card, you’ll be charged two maximum fares (which can be around £9 each IIRC), one for each card because it’ll be assumed you took two journeys and haven’t tapped out/in.

I get it, mind just skipped those bits of the review :joy: