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Going to Florida on Monday and was thinking of taking my monzo card with me. Until now I’ve only used it by preloading it as I buy things from China. If I want to purchase things in shops or restaurants whilst away do I still preload it before going? Previously I’ve used a post office credit card

Definitely, yes! You’ll get a much better rate than through the post office.

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Thanks so I preload before going?

Hey @Redland81 :wave:

It’s really up to you whether you’d like to top up your Monzo card before or after you go on holiday. You’ll still be able to top up while you’re abroad as when you like, if that’s easier for you :slight_smile:


Have you upgraded from the Monzo prepaid card to the current account? (Basically, do the card and app still work?)

If yes, then as others say, just transfer money over whenever is convenient. If it’s a no, drop Monzo an email sharpish!


Yes I do have a current account but I still use it as prepay. I use it mainly to purchase goods from China so prefer just to preload it. However I just thought I’d use it when I go to USA rather than my credit card as I thought I may get a better exchange rate

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Ah phew! Thought you would have, but it’s sometimes best to check, right? :wink:

Depending on the terms of your credit card you’re likely to get a much better exchange rate with Monzo. Basically what @nanos and @CampbellProsser said! :raised_hands:

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