Thoughts on the current international free withdrawal limit?

Thanks June.
Can you please advise which ATM network currently is Monzo partnered with to allow surcharge free ATM withdrawals internationally?

Totally agree with you that it is better to have a limit on no. of withdrawals instead of total refund amount. N26 allows the customers to withdraw from outside network ATMs without incurring any free 2 times in a month.

From what the employee posted I think they’re not partnered with anyone (ATM networks typically aren’t international AFAIK) but that Monzo won’t charge a fee. Finding a fee-free ATM is up to you (although you might have some luck looking in one of the travel topics here)

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Thanks for the reply. The first time I checked the US website it mentioned (and still does on the front page) a $200/30 days limit so I’d figured it was still there. In that case I’m more comfortable using Monzo. Although I’d also move forward past that and ask about ATM fee reimbursements, but that probably merits a whole new post.

Also, this inspired me to update the Japan travel topic, since the ATMs previously mentioned as free in that topic no longer are, and a bank that used to only take Japanese and Chinese cards at its ATMs now takes cards from all over the world, and for free.

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Wow! This is great news and will make me consider moving more money into my Monzo account for international travel. Can you point me to somewhere in the terms it might show the $500 a day / $3,000 over 30 days? As mentioned by @jamar0303 I’m still seeing $200/30 days.

You can check it by clicking Account button under the card on the home page of Monzo app. Then you can click on “Limits and allowances” under Manage Your Account page.


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