The Man Bringing Down The Banks - Mr Porter

Here’s a new interview with Tom from Mr Porter.

It includes a little bit more info about his background -

He was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Singapore – his dad is a civil engineer – before moving to Buckinghamshire as a boy and going on to read law at Oxford University.

And as he points out, rather than wearing Maison Margiela…

Normally, I’m in jeans and a T-shirt some other company has given me for free

Still, as Simon said…


He is shortly to launch in New York, where he thinks the personal finance “scene” is rife for disruption

Interesting? Didn’t think it was that close to happening?


Well spotted, I missed that :eyes:

Tom made it clear in the annual report that this isn’t where the bulk of Monzo’s costs are coming from -

It costs a fraction of a per cent to process each transaction, but it adds up when you’re dealing in billions.

so some of the details in this story might be a little off..

I’d be surprised if Monzo expands to the US before Europe, even though Tom’s obviously very keen to get started there because of the challenges of setting up shop somewhere so far away & their relatively archaic payments systems. There’s more detail on Monzo’s plans for US expansion here -

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@rarther has just cleared this up for us -


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