TestFlight Release Discussion

To soften the blow of Tom’s news we have merging payees on iOS it looks like…!


Worth noting you still have to turn it on in labs

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Cheers. I’d had a brief look and couldn’t see it… I knew if I came back here 10 mins later it would be answered… thanks!


Latest update also add’s monzo premium to scheduled payments list :smiley:


It was already there, you still can’t assign it to a pot though

I have Monzo Plus rather than Premium and it doesn’t show on the scheduled payments list :frowning: (on the latest App Store release, I’m not using TestFlight).

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Oh really? I have Plus, admittedly on TestFlight but it’s right at the bottom of direct Debits and it’s been there a few months now, it was mentioned in another thread a while ago but i can’t remember which one

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Weird… will wait and see what happens when this version comes to the App Store next week. If Plus still isn’t showing maybe I’ve got a bug.
Plus does show in Summary under committed spending, but not on the Scheduled payments page, nor is it factored into “left to spend”.

Shame you can’t pay Plus from a pot

Have you marked it as a recurring payment?

There isn’t an option to do that on my Plus payments (see pic below). The fact it’s in Summary in Committed Spending would indicate Monzo is already categorising it as a recurring payment though.

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707 - Bug fix?