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Please can you add the choice of monthly or weekly spending targets.
A lot of my spending is to weekly targets
The option to choose monthly or weekly would be welcomed

Hi Rory, this is on it’s way :slight_smile:

Look forward to a speedy roll out of features :slight_smile:

Hi there!

It would be awesome if I could see my spending as a percentage of my monthly budget!!

The idea of knowing I’ve got 3 weeks to go and have already spent 40% of my budget would be really meaningful! I know we’ve got the green bar but it isn’t quite as precise a guage!

Loving the app so far!



I really like this idea, if it had also option to set % for each categories (% from spending %), that would be literally only way I want to set up my targets.

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That would be great for me too - except for the Transport category (& any similar categories that are added when the categories are reviewed) because this is a fixed monthly cost for me.

As I mentioned here -

I adjust my targets each month, based on how much I spent between payday & the start of the new month (or if I pay for expenses, holidays & other costs spread over several months). So the option to simply adjust all of my targets by a single % at once would save me time.

Loving the targets. Would it be poss to change the time frame to start on a specific day in the month? My pay day is mid month so it would be great to start the target from then.

I need this too :slight_smile: here’s the latest from Monzo on that change -

Spending Periods

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