Split ATM to Different Spending Categories

I’ve withdrawn money from an ATM and I would like to be able to split it and select different spending categories so £10 on Grocerries and £20 on Eating Out instead of just being forced to choose one.

Definitely this- but also actually generally splitting of transactions as a whole would be better

Sometimes I buy fuel and a sandwich but it all has to go under transport for example


Yep I agree with this!

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

I think they’d be hesitant to do this in order to encourage you to use card payments and limit the number of withdrawals. Since withdrawals are relatively expensive (for monzo) compared to bank transfers, they probably won’t make withdrawals any more enticing

The ability to split any transaction into categories would be a very useful budgeting feature (eg: big supermarket shops or buying some groceries while getting petrol).

I agree, i’m just talking about cash withdrawals and the likelihood that monzo would want to discourage them

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