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This has been discussed before, but I created a new thread because I want to suggest something specific.

I was watching an advert for some app made by some company, and its main selling point was this auto-saving feature. I immediately thought that this would make a great addition to Monzo.

The way it works is this. Say I make a purchase of £8.55. I’d set a preferred round-up value, say a pound, and the app would automatically take extra money from my balance to make the payment worth a whole number of pounds. It’d put that money in a separate “savings balance”. Of course I could manually put n amount of money into savings myself, but the “auto-saving” is the main thing.

So, little things that I use my card for like buying coffee in the morning or Greggs at lunch would be continuously adding tiny amounts of money to my savings, which I could then use for something later.

Also I’m interested in what the rest of the community thinks about this.


I think this is Moneybox that you’re talking about, and lots of us from both companies are hoping for a integration, but it’ll have to wait until our full API is available.


I like the idea, maybe in time it could be added.

Yeah, that’s it. Moneybox.

Could you elaborate on what an integration would mean?

Here’s a rough outline of how an integration with Moneybox might work -

there’s been a lot more discussion about this feature in this post too -

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