Results in! Budgeting, financial planning and expense tracking poll

I think it comes down to the fact that getting it once a year while nice isn’t all that useful. However if it lived permanently in app then the information might be a bit more actionable.


I agree and touched on it in the comments for the other poll:


Why do you say this?

Your app might be popular but it’s not for everyone. Not everyone has accounts that they wish to get all together. Not everyone is comfortable in sharing their account details with another app.

Starting off small I think is more important. How can I learn/know what’s going on across all my accounts if I haven’t go my head around the main account?

I usually have 5 transactions a month on my main account, so for me it’s more a question of what happens on my credit card.

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I’m not sure that’s true. This poll has shown that folk have unmet needs. Indeed, as you say…

… so I think if folk can’t get this through their bank then they’re right to look elsewhere. And if @edo1493 and co can both create viable businesses and prompt banks to up their game, what’s not to like?

Think of Emma as a MoneySuperMarket 2.0, that’s what we do and we’ll do.

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But E**a is an aggregator isn’t it? It’s also yet another app to manage.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all and if people want to have another app to see it all together and if that nudges Monzo to improve then I’m all for it.

But first and foremost I think individual banking apps should have some insights in them, in the same way that I shouldn’t have to build a sheets dashboard myself, Monzo should be showing/encouraging me to look at these things.


Banks are too busy trying to be a bank.

This stuff can’t and will never be their day to day problem to solve, while at Emma is life or death. :wink:


Out of interest, does this poll broadly align with your research? Or are we too much in a bubble to provide reliable results?

(Also, do you factor this sort of data into your product planning?)

Considering he comes here and searches Emma all the time, I’d say there’s value!

We look at everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

I always search “Emma”. :wink:

This is what I used to think a year or two ago. Now, I don’t even look at budgeting features from banks. My first question is whether a bank/credit card has an open banking API, so I can hook up to Emma and continue using just one and the same tool…

Any further development of budgeting by monzo is 100% wasted on me

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