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It’s not a requirement at the moment, it’s only a recommendation.

Nope, it’s designed for property protection, not data protection - inert systems are used because they are safe to use in these cases, better than a conventional sprinkler system. It’s the best system for the job as it puts the least risk on data loss.

Ahhh apologies hahaha

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BBC don’t offer subtitles on Apple TV by default. Would you also consider that an equality/discrimination issue? I just don’t know if it’s something I should/could raise as I am affected (to an extent)

I realise there are alternatives though

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This explains a hell of a lot, so thanks for sharing!

So what I’m wondering now is why Channel 4 seem to be disproportionately affected. I know the BBC were briefly, but switched broadcast to another location that duplicates the broadcast anyway.

Channel 5 seem to be able to carry on as normal, with a few minor issues, same can be said with BT Sport.

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I have two different answers; morally, it is indeed discriminatory. Legally, I think because there are other ways of accessing the iPlayer, the BBC are not legally discriminating against people.

Not the iPlayer, but at one time there was a streaming app - either the ITV Player or All 4 - where if I used it with an Amazon Fire stick, no subtitles. But I could use it via computer. I complained, but otherwise just got on with things :neutral_face:

As I don’t have Apple TV I did a Google and found someone had done a Freedom of Information request to the BBC about it:

In theory, if I had Apple TV and I wanted to watch the BBC iPlayer… I would use my television’s native version of the iPlayer instead of the Apple TV one.

tl;dr, this differs from the Channel 4 situation as there are alternatives for making the iPlayer work, whereas with the Channel 4 situation, they are legally supposed to subtitle their broadcast TV programmes, and there’s no alternative to All 4 not working.

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Just a lack of fail safe I’d imagine, like you said BBC switched to another location where its a duplicate service and they reason they have this option is because they’re governed under a royal charter. So say they had to make an announcement for the death of the queen and a location goes down they can instantly switch to another location and stay live. I doubt the other independent broadcasters have this option or resources to implement it, they’re not governed the same as the BBC are.


Gogglebox dropped to bars and tone last night during the credits.

The version on All4 includes bars and tone too, plus the ads that were broadcast on TV again, so you can skip them by moving the playhead.

MAFS finally went out last night too but the new slot probably cut into the viewer numbers for Gogglebox.

October 12 and still no subtitles on Channel 4.

Ofcom are basically toothless at the moment, it seems.

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