Piggy Bank - Save on each transaction

Hello! Love the app and it’s lighting fast with the transactions. I have a feature request. A piggy bank function, which goes like this: user sets an amount to be saved after each transaction (e.g. 10p or 50p), so every time card is charged that amount is set aside in a “piggy bank”. Amount could be higher and apply to transactions over certain threshold (e.g. save £5 when charge is over £30). I think it would be quite popular with millennials, because we are so bad at everyday saving.
Thank you!


Something similar has been suggested here although i quite like the idea of being able to set the amount saved for amounts spent at different thresholds.

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I second your idea. It’d be quite amazing :slight_smile:


TSB Bank do something like this. It happens when you spend money, for example: £4.67 it rounds it up to £5 and the difference is paid to a savings account!

Could be cool to see mondo encorporate this in some way

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Superb idea-you could elaborate on this and enable users to nominate what to do with the money-ie donate to charity as well as paying into a savings account. Maybe even pay off a mortgage account or credit card? I think all these have been done before, but not with his many options, or as much control over where it goes.

Def a great idea as a number of banks are offering a similar functionality on their apps.

Furthermore, what would be great is if you could set this for particular retailers that you frequent regularly.

I, for instance, have a particular weakness for Nando’s and likely spend too much there. It would ease the guilt if we could set rules to transfer money into savings accounts when we indulge:

When I spend £10 on Nando’s, move £1.20 into a savings account.
When I spend £3 in Starbucks, move £0.20 into a savings account.