Paperless ISA providers

In that period of time the S&P has gone up around 15-20% and you would have been charged 0.07% of your investment for tracking it with BlackRock.

6% in a bull market, especially one as good as the last year, is a pretty terrible return.

Like I said it works for me so not too fussed about what I could or could not be doing

Fair enough.

Just realised even government bonds could have bested it.

What exactly are you invested in on Moneybox?

I originally started off with just a stock’s and shares ISA but then took out a LISA as may look to buy a property in the next few years. I’ve also taken the 95 notice day account to place some funds into, can’t be tempted to touch that one at least as need to give the 3 months notice to get to it.

Horses for courses with the different investment options out there, I’m sure they’ll be people rolling their eyes at the fees etc, but for me it was the ease of use of the app that attracted me and its helped me to save cash for the future, I’m not sure if I’d of sat and looked at other options that I’d of actually signed up for any in the 1st place. Appreciate everyone has a different view on what they are looking for :grinning::blush:

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I think the modern, easy to use, attractive app-based investment platforms are a great introduction to investing. Before Freetrade I’d never even considered opening an investment account.

But once you’re in the game, you can take a year to look around and see how best to make your money work for you.

For the cost of a website sign-up instead of using an app, you can then make hundreds to thousands of extra £. Well worth what turns out to be pretty minor effort.

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Off topic but why move from Pensionbee to Vanguard? Better rates?

The fees, it’s robo advisor type thing, the app is ok, but with mobile devices you can create a home screen link to the website anyway, my kids JISA are there and it will make it easier to mange as every thing in one place.

The pensionbee account has made a 17.4% increase in just under 13 months, if I left before the year is up they charge £500 for leaving but Vanguard would cover them, just waiting for the SIPP to launch to start it @Sendu can also advise better than me on this stuff :wink:

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Ahhh ok, I’m with Pensionbee so was wondering!

I think it may have been you that joined via my referral link :joy::joy::joy:

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Vanguard - can’t beat their fees.

Avoid Moneybox as they have the highest fees of the entire market for S&S ISA’s, with limited control of where it’s invested.

Anyone with experience of AJ Bell Youinvest? I’ve read a couple of reasonable independent reviews but you can’t beat stories of personal experience.

I use them for my LISA. The app and website are a clusterf***, and the security on the app is just stupid (FaceID and password and security question just to view your account).

However, you typically only need to access an investment account 1-4 times per year, and all that really matters is:

  1. Does the platform offer what you want to invest in?
  2. Does the platform have better rates than anyone else that satisfies 1?

For a LISA holding an ETF, AJBell was the best for me. For an S&S ISA, it probably isn’t the best choice.

The big spanner in the works here, as another poster alluded to, is transfers.

The fact that in 2020 ISA transfers are still so reliant on paper is pretty outrageous. It’s particularly egregious in combination with the ‘new money only into 1 ISA of each type per financial year’ rule, which means you have to use transfers if you want to get around that rule.

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