Monzo Labs: Connected Credit Cards

Well assuming TrueLayer integrate with them :wink:

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:point_up_2: Ooh - double cake day :cake::cake: - on Friday 13th :dagger:


Any news on Tandem support specifically?

Why do I not have this feature in Monzo Labs? I’m on the laest Testflight iOS version and am getting a Barclaycard CC next week specifically because it links with Monzo atm - cannot see the option to enable it in Labs anywhere!

This feature isn’t currently in Monzo Labs - but you can find a link to the connection flow if you search in the help section.


The list of providers has reduced dramatically - Open Banking / TrueLayer issues?



Appreciate it - as @davidwalton notes though - no longer got Barclaycard on the list? :confused:

EDIT: I see: Monzo Labs: Connected Credit Cards

Hey Hey,

We’ll update y’all once there are more options available.

To be honest we’re not prioritising new providers right now, but rather smoothing out all the problems caused by migrating between connections types. There’s some clean up that needs to happen before we expand out further.



That’s ok, thank you for the update!

Hi @Jami, my Nationwide credit card continually disconnects. not sure if it’s a known issue, but thought i’d let you know

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I’ve also experienced the same behaviour with Lloyds over the last week or so :credit_card:

Thanks (and thanks @jaisullivan) for reporting your issues - we’ll take a look.

Sorry for the inconvenience cause as things move over.


I also can’t tap my credit card from the profile screen, it crashes the whole app every time. Although I suspect this is directly related to iOS 13.1 beta, still thought its worth reporting.

iPhone XS Max
iOS 13.1
Monzo 2.65.0 #563

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I get exactly the same issue on 12.4.1

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Me too, tapping the Nationwide card crashes the app, and the balance hasn’t updated in any case. iOS 12.4.1, latest Monzo TF.

I’ve been having the same issue with the app crashing when I tap my credit card from the accounts overview screen.

iOS 12.4.1
Monzo 2.64.0

Does seem to be a pattern there! On Android so cannot comment, but hope someone from Monzo spots this and can resolve

Any update for when more cards will be added?

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Basically no more until providers make them available.

From a few posts up: