Moneybox app integration

Am using Moneybox but haven’t made enough per month (over £1) to make keeping the account open worthwhile so I’m in the process of removing my cash and closing the account.

It’s a VERY slow process to cash out and close an account. :frowning:

They might not store it in plain text, but they will need to decrypt it at
some point when authorising with the bank, especially if the bank only asks
for say, the 7th 12th and 15th character of your password.

The code that performs that logic will need to decrypt the password in

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Agreed, it will need to be decrypted and therefore it will exist in memory in plain-text at some point… this is a million miles off from storing credentials in plain-text though, especially considering that pretty much every single major hack that I’ve read about has been about exposing the contents of the database, rather than actually taking control of the application or machine memory.

@djhworld @tommy5dollar I don’t have any affiliation with Metro Bank or knowledge of their security systems but in my opinion, it’s not fair to speculate on security vulnerabilities that other banks might have, without knowing what other safeguards they have in place.

If you have sources of this information that you can refer to, then great but I think we should focus on what we know for sure, especially if criticising companies in the community.


I think Monzo should forge ahead with their own version of micro saving. Moneybox is more about micro-investing which is fine, but, I believe there would be a demand for micro-saving rounding to multiples of £1/£2/£5 or £10 could be options linked to a monzo saving account with instant access if required.

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Agreed, there’s been some more discussion around this idea here, if you’d like to dig into this -

It’d be great to link up something like Nutmeg up, and you be able round-up into that, and chuck in extra cash at your will


Please add moneybox integration. Just started using it. Would love to use the roundup feature.

I think the way Monzo is setting up their API it would be on Moneybox to add Monzo rather than the other way round. That said, the current API isn’t the full release so…


As a very frequent Monzo user I strongly support the Moneybox <> Monzo integration plan.

Can’t wait to bring together two great resources to help maximise my saving potential. Keep up the good work you guys!

I’ve built an integration between Monzo and Moneybox that rounds up my transactions and then makes a daily deposit to my Moneybox account, giving me a feed item to let me know the round up after each transaction and also when the deposit has been made.

If anyone wants to use it let me know and I can get you going with it :smile:


That sounds awesome!

Have you published the code in Github by any chance?

I’m guessing the funds are being withdrawn from your legacy bank’s account, since the API doesn’t enable payments yet?


I would like to add my vote for the moneybox-monzo integration… I know this is in the pipeline but wanted to add any additional pressure required!

I will be publishing to GitHub!

Yeh the funds are withdrawn from a legacy account, which is fine with me as my moneybox round ups come from there anyway :smile:


I too would love to have MoneyBox integration

Please keep us updated Adam, all sounds amazing :grin:

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Yes I’d love that! Saves me writing anything :wink: I take it you have it running somewhere then? Google appengine or something?

Would love this integration to happen! Seems like this thread has been going for a while. Are there any updates from Monzo as to where this is fitting in on their feature priorities?

Not sure if this has been said by someone else.

But revolut joined with money farm for an initial opening of a money farm account which gave the user £50 free of investment at money farm. Just needed to deposit £500.

Fell for it hook line and sinker.

Moneybox have been spamming Monzo hard for a partnership for ages! (notice half the people in this thread haven’t posted before or since recommending moneybox). I don’t think it has worked. Nutmeg ftw!