Lloyds Bank conversation and feedback!

Nationwide and HSBC can’t Never tried with any other high St tbh. Monzo you can’t though their ‘pots’ don’t have account numbers(useful to use a savings account number if receiving money from someone you don’t know ie selling couldn’t use those details from fraud such as setting up direct debits or apply for credit

You get a notification when a DD is set up and cancel it if you didn’t authorise it

Hard to apply for credit with just an account number. They’d need a lot more details than that

All the other info is in the public domain. If they know your name and address everything else is easy to find. Not unreasonable for a buyer to want to know. So don’t give extra vulnerablities if you don’t need to such as current account details

But you’d only be selling maybe a couple of things a year. Otherwise it looks like you’re running a business account and you might end up getting it frozen

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App related

  1. View transaction, and the ability to easily jump to other transactions relating to the same payee/creditor
  2. Card freeze is better - and more definitive
  3. Real-time transaction posting
  4. Real-time notifications
  5. Better transaction search, by date, amount, payee, etc
  6. Much quicker opening of the app
  7. Ability to open the app while offline, and categorise transactions
  8. Come to think of it, the ability to categorise transactions - and set budgets
  9. The ability to tag transactions, so they’re more easily findable
  10. Transaction reference displayed on transaction feed and on View transaction
  11. Request money from friends
  12. Easier payments to phone contacts
  13. Split bills and keep track of who’s paid
  14. Ease of setting up and managing pots
  15. Monzo.me as a means to request/pay money
  16. The ability to select an inbound payment in transaction feed, and opt to pay the payee
  17. Fewer ads
  18. More seamless setting up of Apple Pay
  19. Better help feature
  20. Clearer view of future scheduled payments
  21. Use my location when I’m abroad, so transaction less likely to be declined and card less likely to be blocked

Unrelated to app

  1. No overseas transaction fees
  2. Greater clarity over exchange rate when paying abroad
  3. Lower overdraft fees (when overdraft is significant - obviously not when it’s just a couple of quid)

Where the Lloyds app offers more than Monzo

  1. International payments
  2. Cheque deposit
  3. Ability to freeze card at a more granular level
  4. Access to current accounts held with other banks - and some credit cards (not just balance, but also transaction feed)
  5. Web internet banking
  6. Ability to apply for other banking products, and view existing products (mortgage, savings account, ISA, insurance, etc)
  7. Packaged accounts that include mobile phone and travel insurance

I don’t get how that is relevant to the point I was making about current accounts being vulnerable to fraud?

Because you’d need to do a lot of sales to be at risk. And even then it’s not really a risk

You only need to sell to 1 ‘bad guy’ that might be the first thing you ever sell

I’m confused. Money laundering legislation doesn’t look at who you (legitimately) sell to. If it did, then Sainsbury’s would get shut down for selling apples to crooks.

Isn’t the point that if you’re a sole trader using a personal rather than a business account then that might be against the terms and conditions of some banks, or might trigger AML checks as that level/type of transaction would be atypical for a personal account?

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If that is in response to me you’re completely off the mark. I’m not talking about the banks actioning anything. I mean if you sell something to a crook via bank he now has your bank details. If its a current account the crook can use these along with other public information to use your details to commit fraud. Savings accounts are immune

I won’t go into detail on a public forum!

Probably better not to mention it at all then. It runs the risk of ciming over as scare-mongering otherwise.

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I genuinely hope that I never have to visit a bank branch again.


This would be such a Google April fools… “Monzo is coming to a high street near you - mandatory visits every 90 days to confirm identity”

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That’s dreadful. Let’s get the CEO on the telly :rage:


What I do remember from Lloyds is that once you’ve opened an account with them it’s easier to open an account with any other Lloyds banking group brand, all the info is shared.

My bank of Scotland current account use to appear in my Halifax online banking etc and I could sign up to any brand easily.

Atleast proper kyc is being done. Less likely to cause account freezes later

In fair to Lloyds, I was able to open the account last week fully online without going to a branch and I have my £125, card and PIN. Still legacy that it doesn’t happen for everyone.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

They have a 1.7/5 score on TrustPilot. Check out some of the 1 star reviews and you might notice a trend.


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I’ve just had a look. I’ve always been a firm believer that review sites don’t work because mostly happy customers don’t feel a need to shout about it whereas angry ones do. I might just be evil inside but I’ve just read this and thought it was hilarious. I am 99.9% certain that this absolutely did not happen. It’s just beyond ridiculous.

I’ve just lost my mum she died just before Christmas. The woman laughed! I said did you hear what I said? She laughed again and said I don’t care. I couldn’t care less. I burst into tears, as I was on crutches it was super awkward. I stood there asking if she knew how cruel she was being and she just shrugged smiled and pulled down the blind. The other woman then virtually pushed me out of the bank.

There’s also another one complaining about fraudulent contactless payments - but as far as I’m aware contactless security hasn’t been compromised yet because of the chip security etc. I feel like I see where everyone’s coming from now when they say reviews for banks (including Monzo) is simply fake. Negative ones at least anyway.

Nothing for two months then a call to say that as far as they were concerned there is no way that this was not my card in Tenerife and I had to be there to present it as contactless

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I’ve already got a credit card, and had a current account, with Halifax!