Introducing: Monzo Socials 🗣

(Excited about Christmas) #61

Yeah thanks to all - nice to meet you!


Been away for a little while and it’s nice to come back to the Manchester Social tonight! :beers:

See you there! :grinning:

(Glenn Lewis) #63

Vic! How’s it going man!


Small world!!! I’m good thanks! how’re you?! It’s been years :anguished:

(Simon B) #65

Gonna be in the house for the Manchester event tonight, anyone here coming?

(Eve) #66

Gutted I won’t be able to go! Have fun guys!

(Glenn Lewis) #67

All good mate. You still at the fruit shop?

(Colin Robinson) #68

I wish.

But redundancy and car write off means not much chance of Manchester from Norwich. Pity, I enjoyed the meet ups, always something new to learn at each one.


Sent you a message! :grinning:


Anyone joining @simonb in Birmingham for the next social? :eyes: