Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

It’ll get its own virtual card.

It’ll be reported as a revolving credit account, almost exactly the same as a credit card. So with a limit and balance each month.

More will be revealed :soon:!


And according to Which, Section 75 protection which is very good!
It does seem like its avoiding some of the pitfalls of other BNPL schemes.

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Early access :eyes: link doesn’t work… yet


Sounds great, looking forward to seeing how it works in app

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Can someone expand on this?
I’ve never used Karna so don’t know what the advantage is.

Presumably Klarna cannot be used in person whereas Monzo Flex can



Yeah this I’ll be sticking with it as it offers longer interest free periods.

Also my Tymit card does exactly the same as what Monzo BNPL does and at pretty much the same APR, so I’ve no incentive to use the product.

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Will there be deals where 12 months can be 0% APR at certain retailers?

Will be nice to have it in available all within one app, but struggling to see myself using it over PayPal Credit or Curve Credit (12 months interest free, albeit smaller limit)

Will there be an option to repay extra whenever you want like you can with Monzo loans?

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Yeah it’s on the FAQ I’ve just spotted it, linked further up this post


Want to pay us back early? Sure, there’s no fee for that. If you want more time, you can edit your instalment plan to pay back over a longer period. And we don’t charge extra fees if you pay us back late.

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That sounds like paying back the full amount, I mean a partial payment

Karna seems possible in store, but perhaps only specific partner merchants

Yes, I imagine so - looking through some of the help articles, there’s mentions of “minimum payment” (based on the longest flex period), so I’d imagine as the total cost is agreed upfront (ie. the interest for the 6/12 month period), you’d be able to pay some or all of that off at any point. You don’t make a saving by paying off early - I don’t think - unlike with a credit card.

This is my assumption. :eyes:


Confirmed –


Thanks! That was what I was looking for


Some transactions will be blocked - the 3 listed are pretty obvious exceptions imo.

While Monzo Flex can be used for most transactions over £30, there are some that we’ll block. These include things like cash withdrawals, gambling and cryptocurrency.

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How does PayPal credit appear on your credit report? Assuming it’s one hard search at the beginning then you can just use it as many times as you like? How does the ongoing balance appear on your report?

Eligible transactions for Monzo Flex
While Monzo Flex can be used for most transactions over £30, there are some that we’ll block. These include things like cash withdrawals, gambling and cryptocurrency.

It’ll be interesting to hear more about this. Could you for example buy something on your American Express for the points, pay the balance with your Monzo card then Flex that payment? I suspect the answer will be no, but it’s not explicitly mentioned in the help article.

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I think these are examples of things that they may stop, but are not an exhaustive list. I don’t foresee you being able to Flex a faster payments transfer personally.

This is really good.

I’ve never used it from Klarna or anyone but seeing it there in a pot might make me more likely, only for the 3 months though. Good to see it will be free if you stick to that, the usual doom merchants didn’t think Monzo would do that.