Icelandic rates error

please dear god correct this for tourists, they’ll have a nasty shock otherwise!


:joy: only a thousand quid

That looks wrong! :scream:

But you need to contact Monzo in app. We’re just customers here like you. You can contact Monzo by tapping “Help” then searching “Contact Us”

I imagine Monzo is confusingly using a comma in the European sense (where we would use a decimal point), so the rate is 166.298

Fun Facts! Decimal separator - Wikipedia

Iceland doesn’t have a fractional system as we do in the UK (well they used to but it got the axe) So in Iceland you get a lot of money but you’d be buying a £20 Frodo instead of a 20p (if we used GBP in place of kr)

It’s one of the many complexities of running a worldwide bank.


But it’s wrong?

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If that were true, it’s still wrong - because ISK 166.928 is £1 and not £10


Monzo is not in any way a worldwide bank. Mastercard does all of the hard work for you there.

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1669.28 is what would make sense in the Monzo screen shot above for most of the world

Taking a look into this just now :eyes:

Will update ASAP.


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