How did I spend my ATM withdrawal?

Today I took out some cash with my :monzo: card. In fact, it’s not the first time. I’ve done it three times. Thanks :monzo: for the useful info!

I’d like break down my ATM transactions and capture what I spend as individual line items. Right now I add a note. For example:

Haircut £13
Suit dry cleaned £10
Copy of Amiga Power £3

I reckon it would be pretty cool to line item how the cash is spent. I don’t think it matters if it doesn’t totally add up to the amount withdrawn. There might be the odd quid unaccounted for here and there. What’s useful is the ability to learn what I’m spending my cash on.

I know I know you gotta question why I’m using cash! I’d love to just use my card (and Apple Pay!) but some places just accept cash.

Thanks Monzo, you continue to be cool. :rocket:


Amiga Power, nice!

Anyway, this sounds to me like an extension on multi-category transactions, the proposed ability to split a transaction in to multiple categories for better analysis of spending at places like supermarkets. Maybe also should be built in a way that it could be expanded to full receipt data on card transactions at some point in the future.

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That is one feature that I’ve been looking for for a long time, but only found it in one app that unfortunately doesn’t connect to UK banks. So basically i either have to use a virtual wallet app that allows me to have Cash Current and Saving accounts, but have to enter transactions manualy. Or have two apps, one that fetches my transactions automatically from my bank and another wallet app thT I use to manage cach spending.
I think Monzo could easily offer best of both worlds by allowing you to have a virtual wallet that you can add money to manually and that is automatically filled by ATM Withdrawl amounts. Then you can see cash and card spendings euther jointly or seperately.

Thanks for sharing a link to the Custom categories & multi category transactions Feature Idea. I like it!

It feels like an important point from @hugo – the challenge to keep things as simple as possible without users having to think. Reminds me of Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think.

Perhaps offering the ability to capture spend on cash withdrawals and not supporting multiple/custom category transactions could be a way for Monzo to experiment with this idea using a focused use-case. Some of the learnings from this experiment might help future experiments with multiple/custom categories.

The legacy YNAB computer app is excellent for being able to split transactions into various budget categories.
Any other fans of YNAB out there?

Having just asked the same thing, I have read your post. I agree that it would be incredibly useful.

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